I know, I know that you guys thought star wars was done...

But it has not... I am currently working on a plugin for it.

It will be a awesome plugin! It will take alot time to be done though..

But its worth waiting.. Because you have never seen a plugin like this in another server.

Might be out sometime in 2016 - 2017.

Its 10% done.

I will keep you guys updated!

- IsS127 Network Owner

08 Oct 2016, 17:04 1 | 2

Good Evening everyone I am just letting you know about the prison updates which are going to be implemented soon.

The first of these will be the completion of all user permissions which are currently causing issues with the region's which should now be resolved in order to allow all users to be able to do the necessary things which their ranks include on our server.

The second addition will be the introduction of estates. This will allow entre rank and above to be able to create a business in renting out houses or shops on their own estate. This allows you to grow the economy and also make money as a player on ispira prison.

The third addition is the creation of a new shop which has all items required on prison for a cheap price. This is currently a work in progress and should hopefully be completed by the start of October if things all go to plan.

All these updates  should all be taking place over the next week with the first update scheduled for 15th September where the server will expirience down time from 12 noon until 8pm for a backup to take place before permissions are resolved.Any issues or suggestions please let me know either in game or via the website.Matty

10 Sep 2016, 17:09 1 | 5

Hey guys SuperDutchKing won the contest

Sorry for the late news!

10 Sep 2016, 17:03 1 | 3

IspiraCraft is still having it's contest underway! "Creative X Kingdom! We all know that building the best castle can be tough, so to give you more time to make the best castle ever, we are extending the contest until Augest 16th! To remind everyone of the contest, here is the last post about the contest

IspiraCraft is awesome! To celebrate the launch of IspiraCraft's newest server, the creative server, we have a contest just for you!
Hop onto and create your best castle! The best castle*, get's their castle transfered over to the Kingdom server!
That's right! Get your castle made in creative, put into a survival world setting! THAT'S EPIC!


*Castles must not have the following blocks: Diamond block/ore, Iron block/ore, Gold block/ore, BedRock, Wall block (invisable block)
Castle must have a sign in front of them saying "Contest entry"
Only 1 castle submission per person.
Fellow players are allowed to assist in building, and can submit their own entry.
Chests, furnaces, hoppers, droppers, and dispencers will be removed from build upon transfer.
Contest runs until August 16th, 2016

Castles will be judged by -OwnerAdam and IsS127

Prize: Winning castle get's their castle put in the kingdom server.



05 Aug 2016, 22:43 1 | 60


Im really sorry but we have been having kingdoms bugs latley so they all are fixed BUT

We have done a fresh start, the files didnt want to save so ye.. sorry!

- Founder

05 Aug 2016, 21:53 1 | 45